General Management

Training Module Details

No.Topics CoveredDaysNo. of FacultiesDesigned ForAdvantage to the Organization
1Ethics and Values in Managment21For all executives and workers Awareness about the basic values, vision and mission of the organization will keep the employees more focused.
2Knowledge Management11Those who want to understand the importance of Knowledge management in businessThe knowledge management is extremely important in the third wave business and every executive must acquire the skills of managing business knowledge.
3Time Management11Those who want to improve the value of their timeManaging time is managing everything including business.It will lead to effective utilization of time in the organization.
4Stress Management (Method– Self Hypnosis)32Executives when they are in stress which has become a part of life nowStress free people will add to productivity and improvement in the organization.
5Managerial effectiveness21Even efficient managers sometime prove ineffective when they are unable to manage the environment. Help the management to build effective managers who will prove themselves as assets to the organization.
6Empowering Women in Workplace against Gender Discrimination21Both male and female executives in equal number to understand the discrimination and the legal fallout.It is necessary for legal compliance as per the provision of the act on Sexual Harassment.
7Securities Awareness at Vulnerable Industries22For all employees to understand that security is extremely important today.This module will create the employees awareness to detect untoward security lapses.
8Creativity, Innovation & TRIZ11At all levelsCreativity will add value to Individuals and Organizations.
9Developing business intelligence21Senior managerial levels.Help organization in its effectiveness in the competitive scenario.
10Developing customer capital22All executives who have to connect with the people for effective deliverables.Effective organizational relationship will develop with internal and external customer.
11Integrated Quality Management Systems – ISO awareness and related topics22For those who are implementing ISO and integrating management system and TQMFor implementation of ISO and continuing with the same this will help the organization.
12Finance for Non Finance Personnel22For all executivesUnderstanding of financial management will help the executives to understand the financial implication of whatever they do.
13Contracts Management21Those who handle outsourcing and contracting in the organization.Improve their skills in attracting better results in contracting and will lead to effective implementation of the contracts awarded.
14Negotiation skills21Those in HR, Materials Management, Marketing and all such areas where people have to resolve conflict through negotiationsHelp management in developing confident professionals in managing conflicts.
15Total quality individual (precedes Total Quality Management)21Developing individual officers and staff members in changing their mental models and in sharing the org. vision.People change through the process of continuous learning. Effort is to initiate this change process t through the participants themselves.
16Implementation of Quality Circles21Quality Circles can be formed easily with effective participation.Advantage of making problem solving teams.
17Safety for all22Every Employee and at all levels.Developing safety habits will deter unsafe practices and enhance productivity.
18Five S21Awareness about the concept of 5S.Helps organizational cleanliness and individual development.
19Problem Solving and Decision Making21Junior and middle management level.Help them in finding solutions to problems with a systematic approach and they will know the process of decision making.