Human Resource

Training Module Details

No.Topics CoveredDaysNo. of FacultiesDesigned ForAdvantage to the Organization
1The growing importance of intangible Capital21All executives are required to appreciate the value of intangible capital i.e. intellectual capital, human capital, structural capital and relationship capitalThe awareness of the value will create better interpersonal relationship within the organization which will enhance mutual respect and team work.
2Strategic Organizational and Employee responses to changing business environment. 21For all executives accepting the changes in the global environment is necessary so that they can adjust their antenna with the changing timeHelp the organization to flex and adopt changes faster in the organization.
3Retirement Planning33For those who are going to retire in next six yearsPlanning for retirement will help employees for a better settled life with satisfaction.
4Swachha, Saral, Santulit Jeevan (for workers)21Wellbeing program for workers for improving the work environment and productivitySatisfaction level of the workers will improve with repeated training to motivate them.
5The changing global and national business environment and the role of Trade Unions in the competitive scenario21Trade Union Activists have to their changing role in the competitive scenario and they need to be educated for the same. May help the trade union activists to understand the changing role of trade unions in the liberalized competitive scenario.
6HR for Line Managers21All line managers who deal with people on their day-to-day activitiesHandling people is the job of every line manager and they will accept this responsibility of managing people.
7Effective Managerial Communication.21Those who like to improve communication skills and effectiveness.Improved communication skills will lead to effective management and improve trust and confidence of the people about their leaders.
8Competencies for Challenging Times21Young executives need to develop new competencies of the challenging timeHelp the organization to improve the qualitative achievements of the new generation executives.
9Developing Emotional competencies at professional work22For those who find it difficult to manage people and understand them.Develops workplace where people enjoy work and productivity improves.
10Team Building and Development21Developing teams and developing them for effective working.Once individuals learn about teams they do better as team players.
11Recognize and handle emotions at workplace21At all levelsEmotions are linked with attitudes and understanding them helps people management.
12People connect21At all levelsWhile connectivity has increased, connectedness has gone down. Remaining connected to archieve the organizational and success.
13Training to Trainers21For those who are going to be an internal faculties within the organization.Organization will be benefited by developing internal faculties for technical and professional training.