Leadership / Team Building

Training Module Details

No.Topics CoveredDaysNo. of FacultiesDesigned ForAdvantage to the Organization
1Leading from the Top11Seniors Managers in Leadership Role.They will understand their defined role.
2Leading from the middle11For middle management people who are in leadership roleCreate an understanding about leadership roles and how to lead effectively from wherever someone is positioned.
3Leading from the Bottom11Young executives who need to understand the Leadership qualities to be developed.The young executives will develop as good team players and will also understand and emulate good leadership qualities.
4Servant Leadership11Leaders have to serve selflesslyService based leadership is a part of our Indian culture propagated by Swami Vivekananda. This will help develop the service orientation of the participants.
5Result Based Leadership21Middle level managers who take the responsibility of managerial leadershipParticipants will understand the nuances of result expectation linking with their leadership.
6Leadership & Personal Mastery21In the core of leadership there is Personal Mastery. It applies to all in the JourneyPositive Quality improvement among the leading performance.
7Leadership Concepts of Bhagavad Gita21Senior executivesTimeless leadership concept of Gita will change the vision of the leadership from mundane world to divinity.
8Leadership of Profound Change21Middle level managersAwareness on a total conceptual change leadership pattern where leaders exist in every level and every work.
9Multi-Faceted leadership21This module will relate managerial leadership with multiple aspects meant for middle level managersLinkage of leadership with work, consciousness, values, organization, love etc. will give a complete understanding and will lead to enhancing the satisfaction level.
10Developing team players11For the young executivesIt is important to make people aware how they can be an effective team player.
11Building self-managed seamless teams21At all levelsSelf-managed teams direct themselves for attaining organizational result. They drive the process of excellence.